ILLA is the essence of Menorca.
It is water, fire and stone, pure nature.
It is the Mediterranean sea (Mare Nostrum), it is Nura (Land of fire), ‘marès'(the Menorcan word for limestone) and Talayotic culture.
It is the sea and earth.
ILLA is an island inside another island.
It is a space designed from the history, the cultural heritage, the energy and the infinite magic of Menorca.
An alchemy laboratory, pure oils, floral essences, textures and scents of indigenous plants and herbs.
A spa with formulations and treatments made to measure, with an own line of ILLA products, elaborated by expert islander hands and made with organic ingredients exclusively for Jardí de Ses Bruixes.
A silent space, fully dedicated to wellness, health and the harmony of the body-soul.
ILLA as a representation of the most ancestral and primal Menorca.
ILLA inside an island….that awakens our senses and immerses us in a world of infinite sensations.



Selection of rituals for a unique experience. A mixture of sensations that immerse you in a deep state of harmony. Four island plants inspire us: camomille, rosemary, myrtle and hypericum.
As a personalized enhancer of its benefits, this is a ‘conscience drop’ floral therapy.


The camomille oil from Menorca, applied with the right pressure, together with the heat of the volcanic stones, provides a deep feeling of relaxation, serenity and calms any muscular pain. Ideal ritual for persons with a high mental and physical activity. Disconnect in order to re-connect.

(Epsom salts Flotarium, body massage with hot stones, craniofacial massage with acupressure technique)..


EICON120 168

The infinite properties of St. Johnn's wort restore energy during times of stress, strengthen your optimism and, combined with sea algae, helps detox the organism.

(Hammam, exfoliation with olive seeds, sea algae body wrap, craniofacial massage with aromatherapy along with a regenerating body treatment).

Because of the photosensitivity of the Hypericum, sun exposure after the treatment is contraindicated.


ARRAYAN120 168

A ritual that tones the muscles and regenerates the skin due to the power of myrtle oil, linked to the idea of beauty in the ancient times. It is applied with small warm floral sachets which intensify the wellness sensation.

(Infrared sauna, exfoliation with brown raw sugar and bergamot, toning body massage with floral sachets, facial regenerating treatment).


ROMANÍ120 160

Oil macerated with rosemary and citrus, which stimulates the organism and restores the body's vigour and energy. Re-connect with our essence.

(Swimming pool and water jets circuit, exfoliation with citrus salts, deep tissue massage of back, shoulders, neck and head, foot reflexology and an enhancing massage for the blood circulation of the legs).


MELOUSSA En pareja130 340

Cocooning aromas lead the couple to a haven of peace. An exquisitely stimulating ritual, where you can enjoy each other’s company in a magical environment.

(Exfoliation with rose petals and citrus, body chocolate wrap with aphrodisiac essences, facial treatment with pink clay and cocoa, chocolate and shea butter massage, whirlpool bath for two with salts; cava and fruit ).




Menorca, Mediterranean island combed by the‘ Tramontana’, sea breeze which models both our nature and spirit. Menorca in the form of Sea, Wood, Earth, Wind and Sun.

SEA Posidonia Treatment60 98

Sea algae - Detox

The sea and its sea floor cocoon our body in a rocking rhythm. The algae and sea muds add a huge range of minerals and trace-elements that rejuvenate the skin, eliminate toxins and provide a slimming effect.

(Exfoliation with sea salt and citrus, sea algae body wrap).


WOOD Carob Treatment60 98


The carob tree, called the tree of life, is like a hug of our ancestors who lived on the island. The carob, very nutritious and antioxidant, due to its tannins and vitamins, nourishes and rejuvenates the skin, restoring its softness.

(Exfoliation with brown raw sugar and bergamot, carob flour and cocoa butter body wrap).


EARTH AND WINDUastre treatment60 105


The inclined silhouettes of the wild olive trees are, since ancient times, a symbol of strength and survival. Its fruits and leaves mixed with green clay are antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, favour healing and cleanse the organism. Indicated for traumatisms and rehabilitation of joints.

(Exfoliation with ground olive stones, organic virgin olive oil macerated with Menorcan rosemary, wild olive tree leaves and green clay body wrap).


SUN Treatment‘Êl’,Phoenician god of the Sun60 98

Aloe Vera and Calendula, Lavender, Camomille.

From all the flora that is burnt by the summer's sun nearly alone survives the Aloe Vera, magical plant due to its cosmetic properties, medicinal and nutritional. It protects and regenerates our skin exposed to solar radiation, it is anti-inflammatory and a natural healer.

( Soft exfoliationwith brown raw sugar, aloe vera mask and camomille oil from Menorca, hair mask made of aloe vera and moisturizing with calendula milk and lavender).




Indulge yourself with our facial rituals inspired in ancestral beauty techniques. We will restore youth to your skin, bliss will reflect on your face.

TANIT Rejuvenation90 115

The benefits of the olive tree and of the grape, combined with sea alginates, are a powerful antioxidant, ideal for minimizing the ageing of the skin. Homage to the Mediterranean goddess Tanit.

(Cleansing with camomille oil, exfoliation with ground olive stones, manual facelift with Viti's vinifera oil, moisturizing with olive and grape cream, massage‘decoleté’,of neck and shoulders).



Especially indicated for dry, sensitive and devitalized skins.

The white and pink delicate clays are an excellent base for our jasmine extract, rose petals an essential oils. They nourish and deeply regenerate the skin, providing an intense moisturizing and restoring a serene facial expression.

(Cleansing with camomille oil, toning with rose hydrolat, soft exfoliation with clay and jasmine extract and orange blossom hydrolat, intense moisturizing of the skin).



Especially indicated for oily or mixed skins

Detox effect helps prevent premature ageing of the skin. The minerals and salts contained in this treatment balance the excess of oils in the skin and eliminate impurities.Sanitja, roman harbour of which only some stones remain, inspire this treatment that combines sea mud and green clay.

(Cleansing and toning of the skin with camomille and rockrose oil, exfoliation with grape seeds, balancing massage with apricot oil and aromatherapy, sea mud mask with extract of Helichrysum or green clay, personalized moisturizing).




Pamper yourself with a massage. Relax and revitalize your body, mind and soul.


Massage with warm cloth sachets filled with wild olive tree, rosemary and bay leaves. This massage has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, nourishes the skin and relaxes the spirit. Depending on the flowering season we add petals of flowers of Menorca.



Feel the power of the hot stones and their capacity to absorb blocked energies. The application of the oils through these stones liberates stress, anxiety and bone and muscular pain, balancing both blood circulation and the nervous system.



The 'summum' of relaxation. A massage that meshes pressure and friction on the back, head, face and neck. Physical and energetical benefits can be highlighted in this massage, which is linked to the central nervous system, favouring memory and concentration and diminishing anxiety and negative stress.



. A sensory experience that works on reflex zones over all the organism situated on the sole of the feet. Gentle and deep massage that provides a general wellness feeling. The treatment includes a foot exfoliation with sea salt and aromatherapy in order to boost its effect



Relaxing massage exclusively for women during the second trimester of pregnancy. Relieves leg pain, lumbar aches or fatigue due to weight gain, fluid retention and hormonal changes.



Massage of fast and rhythmic movements. Naturally favours the elimination of toxins and enhances blood flow. Combination of manual techniques that use rollers and wooden utensils specially designed to balance energy, firm and tone the skin.

Voucher 3 sessions30 120
Voucher 3 sessions60 240


ILLA60/90 80/100

Personalized massage. Choose the body area, intensity, aroma and time.




A circuit where you can achieve total relax and wellness.
Contrast baths, swimming pool, cervical jets, whirlpool bath, flotation pool, multi-sensory showers…
Slowly, enjoying all senses, of a herbal tea, a fruit, fresh water…anything you should need.



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